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Agave Pineapple Diffuser Oil

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Agave Pineapple Diffuser Oil

The Agave Pineapple Diffuser Oil is the perfect addition to your favorite decorative reed diffuser. Filled with the lush, fruity floral blend of pineapples and rosewood paired with sweet agave and jasmine - keep your diffuser fresh by having plenty of this oil on hand!

Directions: Pour the Aromatique diffuser oil into decorative bottle. Insert reeds. Reeds will absorb the fragrance oil and deliver long lasting fragrance. To maximize the fragrance, invert reeds as needed.

Fragrance Notes: Pineapple, Plum, Jasmine, Apple, Rosewood, Musk

Details: Depends on frequency of use; shelf life one year; 4 fl oz; 2.7"SQ x 10.7"H

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