Badash Crystal

A Brief History 

Jack Badash entered the Gift Industry as a shipping clerk in 1936. Nine years later, after moving up the ranks and gaining invaluable experience and knowledge, he formed ‘Javit Badash Inc.’, the predecessor to Badash Crystal. Jack started Javit Badash Inc. with his immigrant shoemaker father's life saving of $1,800. Badash became known among buyers for his American made hand-cut and machine-cut tumblers, stemware, gifts, and vases. The business grew slowly but steadily over the next 35 years. Jack was a creative product developer and a dynamic salesman.  He developed many close relationships with customers, suppliers, and sales reps alike. The firm owned and operated cutting shops in Cumberland, Md., and Jane Lew, WV.  In its heyday, Javit was the largest U.S. firm producing hand-cut and machine cut glassware.


In 1980, Jack Badash sold the company and tried retirement. Being way too active and energetic, Jack was not yet suited for retirement, so after a few years of consulting, he began Jack Badash Inc. now known as Badash Crystal. Badash Crystal began with hand-cut tumblers as Javit had, then grown to include Russian crystal imports. In 1987, Jack’s son, Mark Badash joined Badash Crystal after becoming disenchanted with the practice of law. Together, Jack and Mark have developed the business by bringing high quality and uniquely designed products from around the globe. 


In April 2011, at the age of 92, Jack passed on and left Mark with a strong diverse organization. Jack believed in the American Dream and his life was an American success story. He had a burning entrepreneurial spirit with a persistence seldom found in today's world.  Badash, under Mark's guidance, continues to grow and evolve into the 21st century with exciting new product introductions and navigating all the new ways of communicating and doing business.