Clay For A Cause

A little about us....


To give women a way to feel beautiful and support the other women around them.  That is the main reason we started with the buy one give one offer built in.    We love the idea of tons of women getting surprise packages in the mail that will brighten their day.  Tired mothers,  grieving friends, birthdays, small victories OR for no reason at all other than you love them and want to lift them up.  Getting a surprise in the mail can really make a person's day!

I started Clay for a Cause as a fundraiser for a women's ministry I was trying to get up and going.  Once I saw how people reacted to the earrings and realized how much I enjoyed making them, I was hooked.

This jewelry is all handmade.  The clay pieces are rolled out, designed, cut baked and assembled by me and my small team. Truly a labor of love.  I'm so glad you have found your way here and hope you love these just as much as I do!