Our Vision

We at DEMDACO believe every product creates a conversation. We hope to participate in the meaningful moments of people's lives. We don't create those moments, we aspire to make them a little better. We want to be there in times of Joy, Comfort and Love.

Our Mission

At DEMDACO, we strive to Lift the Spirit in consumers, in each other and in our communities.

Our Culture

Our purpose is to pursue business the way it ought to be—not merely as a financial endeavor—but first-and-foremost, a human endeavor.

Therefore, we try to develop an environment where work is not just a job.

Our Mission to Lift the Spirit supports a holistic approach to career that includes opportunities for colleagues to pursue and nurture their personal and community interests in relation to the values we hold dear. We believe there is more to work than bottom lines and deadlines. Our endeavor to Lift the Spirit starts in our own halls, offices and meeting rooms. If we don’t feel a little Joy, Comfort, and Love in the workplace, it will be evident in the products we make and the way we engage with our community.