Jilzarah Wrist Keychains

Each bead reminds me of every individual life, how we all have a story that is unique only to us. It’s this parallel that fuels my drive to design and create JILZARAH each and every day.

From vibrant golds and blues to pastel pinks and lavenders, JILZARAH is all about expressing yourself through color and looking amazing while you do it. Every single bead and pattern is the result of hundreds of hours of dedication and passion from our designers. We don't stop until each one is just right and neither do our artisans.

Every piece of JILZARAH clay has been handmade so no two are exactly alike and we wouldn't have it any other way :)

We love color and we love bringing it to you even more. No matter what your race, gender, style, favorite cloud shape, or whatever, we believe you should be free to express yourself and color just happens to be our favorite way to do it.

Take a look around and find the perfect piece for you and your style.