Lambrecht Gourmet

Husband and wife, David and Nancy, originally worked in the retail industry for several years. Along the way, they also owned a catering business for ten years. After David accepted a job managing the Red Apple Inn Resort, he continued to prepare Toffee to give away on special occasions. At the urging of the Inn's owners, they began selling the Toffee to local gift shops in Arkansas. As popularity for the candy grew, they soon took their Toffee to Gift Markets in Dallas, Atlanta, New York, and Chicago. They now ship to Gift Shops in over 40 states and continue to expand every year.

David has attended the chocolate academy at Barry Callabaut in Montreal, Canada for multiple courses in chocolate making techniques. In 2012, these techniques helped him win the Gold Medal Award for Top Toffee in America at the Salon International Chocolate Competition as well as a Gold for being a Toffee Partner at the International Taste Awards.

Lambrecht's believes you can't cut corners when it comes to making a quality artisanal Toffee. Lambrecht's always uses a thick bed of nuts for their Toffee which adds the perfect texture and rich flavor you have come to expect. After covering the nuts with our rich butter Toffee, we pour on a thick layer of premium imported chocolate.  This all combines to give you the most tender melt-in-your-mouth Toffee you have ever tasted.