Long Grove Confectionery Co.

Long Grove Confectionery Company started as a retail business in the quaint, picturesque village of Long Grove, Illinois. The original Long Grove Confectionery, a retail shop and candy kitchen, was housed in a nostalgic replica of a red schoolhouse, which opened in 1975.

The quality of its candy and the ability for visitors to view production through a beveled glass window had customers coming back regularly. After a successful ten years, Long Grove Confectionery had outgrown the kitchen, and moved its production to a 25,000 sq ft facility in nearby Buffalo Grove, IL. In 2001 the company added another 60,000 sq ft, increasing its total size to 85,000 sq ft in order to meet the rising demand from its retail and wholesale customers.
Today, this facility is a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant which is Kosher Supervised (CRC), Organic Certified (Pro-Cert), and SQF Certified. While the Long Grove Village still houses the retail store, the Buffalo Grove location is home to all candy production, corporate offices, and its factory tours & store.

Long Grove Confectionery is a recognized leader in the industry for their quality products, attention to detail, and creative packaging. The signature piece is the Myrtle® . . . fresh, salted, roasted pecans covered with buttery caramel and smothered in rich chocolate. In addition, Long Grove Confectionery offers a full line of chocolates, barks, brittles, caramels, coated pretzels, peanut butter cups, meltaways, rich creams, assorted panned items, unique chocolate molded creations, and seasonal creative packaging designed by in-house artists.

The tradition of excellence continues… Today, Long Grove Confectionery Company is owned and operated by Arway Confections, Inc; a Chicago family business which was established in 1950. Arway is known for its high quality products, dependable service, and competitive prices. Specializing in bulk packed confections, Arway manufactures a wide assortment of chocolate panned and enrobed specialties, copper kettle cooked products, roasted and salted nuts, and trail mixes.

Long Grove Confectionery and Arway Confections offers branded and private labeled packages, as well as bulk product. The companies have become a co-packer for a number of its clients, and a source for a variety of contract manufacturing services.

Long Grove Confectionery has always provided their customers with quality products delivered with a sense of pride, friendliness, warmth, and outstanding customer service. The staff at Long Grove Confectionery and Arway Confections are proudly continuing this tradition.

Craig Leva is the president and owner of Long Grove Confectionery and Arway Confections. Mr. Leva began his career in sales at Arway in 1991, eventually purchased the company from his step-father, and purchased Long Grove Confectionery in June of 2013.