Maison Chic TM.


A family owned and operated business based in Atlanta, Georgia

At Maison Chic and London Bridge, our goal is to bring smiles to the faces of all who experience our products! As a family-owned business, we base our product development on the question "Would our children and grandchildren love this?"

In the gift industry since 1988, the Butler family started thinking about having their own line of baby gift items around 2006. They wanted something with high quality and unique designs. In 2008, the opportunity arose to purchase Maison Chic. This was just the opportunity for which they had been looking! Then, in 2018 they started London Bridge to complement Maison Chic and "bridge" into other categories.

Both Maison Chic and London Bridge make it easy for our retailers to tell a story in their own stores, creating a fantasy land of huggable products in a breathtakingly beautiful display. 

Each January and Jun we introduce several new products! Staying on-trend and coming up with the unexpected twists to traditional baby gifts is what makes Maison Chic and London Bridge products extra-special!