Inspired by design.
Driven by quality.
Empowered by share-ability.

Inspired by DESIGN
Our passion is design and we are constantly inspired by neoprene's remarkable versatility, durability and near limitless possibilities. We thrive on designing fashion accessories that are BOLD, UNiQUE, sophisticated and of course multi-functional. Our goal is to create fashion accessories that empower our customers to express their own personalities and attributes with a touch of class and sassy flare. We seek inspiration from just about everywhere... from nature to science to spirituality to real life. We ultimately believe it's the small details that set us apart from everyone else. We happily fuss about the small details each and every day right here in Canada.
Driven by QUALITY
Top quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship is not an option in our world, it's a mandatory. It's just that simple. Go ahead, compare our bags side-by-side with any of our competitors. We don't mind, in fact we encourage it! We are committed to providing top quality and value.
Empowered by SHARE-ABILITY
If our customers are proud enough of their preneLOVE purchase to share it, whether it be online or in-person, then we believe we have succeeded. For us, there is no better way to build our preneLOVE Brand and to grow as a business than through the positive words of our happy customers and retailers.