Red Rocker Candy

Sue Charney loves candy and has been making it for as long as she can remember. In 2000, she was laid off from her job and, for years, she could not find another.  Sue had to do something – and thought “why not make candy”?

On April 1, 2002, Sue and her husband Jack founded Red Rocker Candy, LLC in the basement of their home. On weekends, Sue and Jack would travel all about the state selling at Farmers’ Markets, Fairs and Craft Shows.  The products were extremely popular and, after six years, sales increased such that the basement became too small and Red Rocker Candy moved into an outside production facility.

In 2008, “Rocking Chair Mix®” was added to the offering and quickly became the company’s bestselling item.  In 2017, four new flavors were introduced: Peanut Crunch Mix, Espresso Jolt Mix, Lemon Burst Mix and Peppermint Blast Mix.

Today, Red Rocker Candy continues to operate in Troy, VA, making candy with love. You can find our pretzel mixes in markets and gourmet stores across the United States. We hope you, and your taste buds, enjoy our mixes as much as we do.