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Dragon's Lair Wax Melts

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Dragon's Lair Wax Melts

Dragons – they’re majestic, wise, fearsome, powerful and elicit good luck. In addition to all these things, they look awesome! When coming up with a dragon themed candle we thought long and hard on how best to represent a unique and interesting look with our candle that looked “dragon” like. As you can see in the final result, we came up with a way to add an abstract scale pattern to the inside of the jar, and we decided to pour our Dragon’s Lair candles in varying colors and patterns.

What does a dragon smell like? We decided to forgo making it “smoky” as that is the obvious approach. We decided our dragon aroma should be represented as “wise and majestic”. To achieve this we combined several amazing scents such as citrus, exotic florals, sugared fruit, a hint of lemon – it’s all unexpected, yet has a fearsome and powerful edge that will fire up any room.

Candle Information:
100% All Natural Soy Wax (burns clean).
All components are Made in the U.S.A.

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