South Bend Chocolate Company

In 1991, Mark Tarner founded the South Bend Chocolate Company and operated it as a second business. In August of 1994, the South Bend Chocolate Company incorporated with Mr. and Mrs. Tarner as majority shareholders.

We now have 11 company-owned stores in Northern Indiana and 4 franchise locations throughout Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. The factory is located at 3300 W. Sample Street in South Bend, Indiana and occupies 60,000 square feet.

The company got its start making chocolates under a license from the University of Notre Dame. It's first three products were the Domer, the Rockne and Nuts for ND.

New confections roll out of the factory everyday. Twenty five years after our founding, we produce over 500 different chocolates and sweets. These products are available in stores nationwide and through our company owned stores.