Spices Smokehouse

The Entrekins never dreamed that a bite of a spicy cracker would change their life. However, when Lynn's friend Lois shared that little cracker, she knew she needed to have the recipe.

 Of course, being the competitors that they are, they had to put their own twist on it and added their unique blend of seasonings to the recipe.   They faced a tough audience when they auditioned their recipe on their BBQ competition family.  Over time, they tweaked the ingredients until they perfected the Original Spicy flavor they have become known for.

 Soon cracker madness began with everyone asking them to bring crackers to informal gatherings and cooking contest. With a catering business in place, they had the facility and proper permits to start selling them locally, and at events.

 Lynn continued to make the crackers, selling them online for years, but never really thought of them as a fulltime business. In 2015 when they were looking to diversify, Robert said, "you just need to sell those crazy crackers that everybody loves!"

 After years of being on the back burner, they knew it was time to make the snack everybody loves widely available. In 2015 Spices Smokehouse, LLC was granted FDA permits for wholesale distribution. Spices Smokehouse Crackers can be found in retail locations all across the country.

Spices Smokehouse Crackers have received 2 Awards of Excellence from the National BBQ and Grilling Association in the Snack Category.