Tactical Soap on a Rope + Bourbon Bar Soap

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Tactical Soap on a Rope + Bourbon Bar Soap
Tactical Soap on a Rope + Bourbon Bar Soap

Duke Cannon’s Tactical Scrubber™ Bundle Pack is unlike any loofah on earth. The content of this box should be standard-issue for every shower. This dual-mesh tactical scrubber™ is built to last, delivers a high caliber lather, and turns any Big Ass Brick of Soap™ into soap-on-a-rope. Engineered to be fully machine washable so it won’t mildew like those dainty loofah puffs. The double-stitched, mildew-resistant 500 Mil-Spec paracord allows you to get a grip and keep the soap off the ground. Veteran Made in North Carolina. Proudly overbuilt and guaranteed to last.

  • Fully machine washable to ensure long-lasting sustainability and optimal hygiene
  • Mildew-resistant 550 Mil-Spec paracord for grip
  • Soft mesh to build a thick high caliber lather
  • Coarse mesh to deep clean hands and feet
  • Veteran Made in North Carolina, USA
  • Includes 10oz Big American Bourbon Soap
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