Lord Hear My Prayer Bracelet

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Lord Hear My Prayer Bracelet

I was taught by my grandmother to say my prayers at a very young age.  I'm telling you this story so that everyone reading this will understand that the crisis we are currently in will too pass.

When I was seven years old, I fell off the top of a bunk bed and broke my neck in three places.  The prognosis was not good.  Although I was not paralyzed, I was in bad shape for five years.  I wore a halo and many neck braces, which restricted my ability to bend my neck.

The prayer that my grandmother taught me was the one I prayed each day for years, "Lord Hear My Prayer, heal me, Dear Lord, so I may bring glory to your name.”  My grandmother had a very special gift where Angels would come to her in dreams and tell her of things to come.  The whole family knew of this gift. Later in life, I came to realize that I also had this gift.

The first time an angel came to me in a dream I was in the 6th grade, where I was told "God has heard your prayer".  The next day when I woke up, I found for the first time in five years, that I had total mobility in my neck.  My mom cried, gave praise to God, and hugged me tight.  My father was overjoyed. For several years, I was told by the doctors that I may never move my neck again.  The doctors forgot to tell God this… As God Heard My Prayer.

A few years later, at the age of 15, I was home alone sawing a 2’ by 4’ on a table saw.  This time I cut off my thumb and severely cut three other fingers on my right hand leaving my whole hand cut and very mangled. Blood was everywhere. I just barely made it to my next door neighbor’s home where I was able to knock on his door before passing out.  I later learned that I almost bled to death because of losing half the blood in my body.  My neighbor, Bobby, was a paramedic who never missed work but was home that day, because for some strange reason he was unable to find his car keys.  Bobby saved my life that day.

Dr. Kutz and Dr. Kleinert in Louisville, Kentucky, reattached my thumb and repaired the entire hand.  I was so grateful that I had a thumb.  It took two and a half years before I was able to pick up a penny or open a car door. Each day I gave thanks that I did not die, and that God had given the doctors the ability to repair my fingers and my thumb. The operation at that time was very new.  Years later, the same doctors reattached the thumb of Neil Armstrong, the first man to land and walk on the moon.  I gave thanks again and again.  God taught me to have patience from this injury.  I was the first to make and bend Platinum into Jewelry.  Normally, with only 30% feeling in my thumb, bending platinum could be a very painful experience, however, this was not the case for me.  I have been told by a great many people that God in his wisdom saved my thumb, so I could bend the platinum wire into jewelry, and it is so.

I prayed for years that God would use my injury to bring Glory to Him.  God Heard My Prayer and answered my prayer 24 years later in 1996.  As I built many sculptured pendants for Dillard’s out of platinum, as far as I know, the sculptured style has NEVER been built by anyone in the world…in platinum…..ONLY ME,  Praise the Lord!

A few years later at the age of 21, I had a Cerebral Aneurysm in the brain.  While the aneurysm did not burst, it did balloon out three to four mm.  The result was the hardest challenge of my life. I woke up in the hospital with a hole drilled into my head, and the artery was packed to reduce swelling of the brain.  As a result of this swelling, I stuttered.  In addition, words were difficult to say and came out verbally mixed up, walking was tough, for nine months I had blinding headaches every day, and for years I vomited over and over until I was able to overcome it.  Only my close friends and family knew of this.

I had to learn to tie my shoes again, but deep inside I knew, God Would Hear My Prayers as I had already been to the top of the mountain and looked death in its face.  I no longer walked in fear, I walked with the Lord.  Every night for years I said my prayers, Lord whatever you want me to do, to achieve, I will.  As I prayed, ‘Use me Dear Lord, give me the ability to provide comfort to the multitudes of your people: LORD HEAR MY PRAYER.’ And it was so.

We all go through many things as my grandmother told me, "Son, God will never put more on you than you can stand.”  One time my grandmother put a lump of coal in my hand and said, "Do you know what happens to a lump of coal under heat and pressure?”  I said no, she said “It becomes a diamond and one day you will become a diamond and shine a light over the South.”

We never know what God intends for us to do. Sometimes He may seek you out by a burning bush like He did Moses.  God may send an angel to your dreams, to call you to do his work.  God speaks to us that listen, you just never know…..              

I do know and believe that God hears your prayers. I think we are all God’s greatest Miracle.  God Loves each of us greatly.

Dear Lord: please bless all who read this:


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