Resurrection Bracelet

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Resurrection Bracelet

This bracelet was designed with six beads for a significant meaning.  The Angel number six wants you to achieve balance and harmony in your life.  Everything else will follow once you have a peaceful and stable life.

If you keep seeing the number six it also represents family, home domestically, and parenthood.  Ronnie Needham put eight braids in the design as the number eight is significant such that it is used 73 times in the Bible. Eight is a number of resurrection and regeneration.

In the Bible numerology eight means new beginnings It denotes a "new order of Creation" and man's ultimate completion of being born again when he/she is resurrected from the dead into eternal life. 


Ronnie Needham

Your Favorite Designer is BACK!!  with all new designs

Two Tone Gold and Silver woven bracelet with gold wraps.  Six Gold Beads are intricately intertwined on Silver Wire with eight braids around the perimeter of the bracelet. 

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