Unisex Modern Silicone Ring, Aqua Foxfire

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Unisex Modern Silicone Ring, Aqua Foxfire

QALO Unisex Modern Q2X‚™ Silicone Rings were designed to upgrade your classic look, giving it a modern-day twist. The ring features a flat silhouette for added comfort & functionality and is made from our exclusive Q2X‚™ Silicone Material, which will ensure your ring stands up to the toughest environments. Whether you’re stepping out or staying in, this ring fits your life.

Our Aqua Modern ring is made from advanced FoxFire technology. Charge it up in the light and watch as it illuminates in the dark. 

At QALO, our mission is to inspire a movement that embraces and shares the power of commitment. This movement is represented by our ‚"Q" stamped on the outside of this ring. it's about bringing together a community of people who are passionate and most of all committed to every aspect of their life - families, spouses, jobs, and hobbies - and those people sharing this commitment with others.

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